I am a UX & Product Designer who

Suvie is a do-it-all, cool-to-cook, dinner making machine. I worked as The Communicator between our team of designers, and the Suvie leadership. I spearheaded the onboarding process for Suvie's Smart Meals, their meal subscription service, by making the visual and verbal language more consistent and user-friendly. 


BioShield is a company that produces and wholesales antimicrobial films, lacquers, and aerosols designed to help commercial spaces reopen safely after Covid-19. I partnered with the company's leadership to create their brochure website, designed in Figma and implemented in Wix Classic editor. 


In this case study, I teamed up with a local baking supply store in Cambridge, MA to bring their products and their in-store experience online. I conducted user interviews and open & closed card sorts to determine the Information Architecture, and created a mid-fidelity prototype of their new website and checkout flow.


In this spec project for the Starbucks mobile ordering app, I led the User Research efforts and contributed to the design of two new features that addressed user pain points around ease of use and fixing errors. The day we presented our designs, Starbucks launched an A/B test with some of the same functionality that we came up with.